Debbie is an excellent realtor with a solid track record and a deep understanding of design. I highly recommend her.

  • Galt7266

Debbie is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in the Real Estate Industry. Not only does she continually educate herself with trends and evolving industry practices but she is also acutely in tune with the target demographic from residential to commercial buyers and sellers.  

  • Greg

Debbie Evans is a hard working, insightful, trustworthy and fun person to know. She is ambitious but always puts her customers first, hence her success. I’ve known her to establish many goals and meet them, as there’s “no quit” in Debbie. She will work hard on behalf of her clients and Debbie’s 2 decades of design and construction experience is very valuable. I would be pleased to be a reference for Debbie Evans.

  • Doug Anderson

Very resourceful, prompt, and friendly. Debbie knows Interior Design and has won many Awards for her achievements. This makes her advice on real estate more relevant as she has the eye! Bright, alert and friendly, she is a treasure to deal with.

  • Da Top Talent

Debbie has extensive experience in seeing the potential in and adding value to real estate. A day out with Debbie and you will start to see possibilities that you never imagined. Debbies work ethic is second to none and I could not recommend her more highly.

  • Chris