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3330 Craigend Road West Vancouver, Westmount Wv 7 Bed 8 Bath 6958 sqft

This is a beautiful new home and was built by Bata Developments. I have been working with bata n another Luxury home doing the Interior Design and this house is gorgeous. if you are intereted in purchasing it please give me a call. West Vancouver is a buyers market and this could be your new dream home! 

Originally $ 10,580,000

SOLD BY Alfie Yang for $ 6,000,000 

$ 4,580,000 Reduction in Price 

Originally Listed April 6, 2018 

The previous sale for this property was for a tear down at $4,400,000 and it was sold in Sept 2015 then this new home was built to replace it. 

There are some amazing deals out there right now! 

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