Tips to assist with your listing

There really is no wrong time to list your home, because if you price your home right, and make every effort to present it in a superior way, chances are you will sell your property in a timely manner.

If you already had your home listed and are concerned about listing during December it is true the holidays in particular can be the hardest time to sell, when everyone’s minds are on other things but many people take holidays during December and have more time to view properties at this time of year. Many real estate offices are still busy with sales up to Christmas Eve or even New Years. I have listed a few tips to assist with your listing below.

  • Do remember to keep up the curb appeal as the weather changes.
  • If you are in an area with snow keep paths wide, cleared, salted and safe for entering the property.
  • You will have less competition during this time of year so do a a CMA – Comparative Market Analysis – up to 3-5 KM radius to see what else prospective buyers will be viewing along with your property. I would also view some of  the open houses listed in your area to see what you are up against.
  • Keep the thermostat to a comfortable level.
  • Appeal to the senses by boiling cinnamon on the stove before a showing or bake cookies especially at this time of year as it will help to add a relaxed ambiance.
  • Show off the best features of your home such as staircases, large windows, fireplaces and keep clutter down. Minimize gifts under the tree and keep spaces open for viewing.
  • Add additional lighting along deck rails to highlight decks for showings during darker hours as it will open up outdoor spaces and look attractive to potential buyers and add that extra sparkle.
  • If you have photos available showing the outdoor spaces during summer months have them ready to show buyers if the outdoor spaces are covered in snow.
  • It would also be a good idea to have bills available to show the energy efficiency of the home during winter months.
  • I always believe you should have floor plans available for review and if there are potential renovation updates that can be done then show them on proposed plans. I have looked at many homes with clients and many want to know what they can do to update the home if they decide to buy it. I have had clients deciding between two or three homes and I made the deciding factor for them based on potential changes and updates.

It is pretty hard to sell a home once it is removed from the MLS and taken off the market so if you need to sell because of a change in career or what have you, as I mentioned above there is a lot less competition during this time of year so keep it listed, do your homework and showcase it to sell!

Vacation Properties

I have worked in Whistler for close to 20 years and the winter holidays is always a very busy time of year where people from all over the world arrive for Christmas Holidays and skiing. I have had many clients purchase homes, condos, town homes, etc in December. I have even started many Interior Design projects and renovations in December as my clients wanted to get their new vacation homes ready for January skiing or Spring. Do not take anything for granted as Whistler shows amazingly well in the winter when trees are covered in snow with decorative lights making it look like a winter wonderland.

Debbie is available to discuss what your options are if listing or buying over the next few months and I can do a CMA – Comparative Market Analysis – for you if you are concerned about keeping your home on the market over the holidays. Call anytime Debbie 778-875-4934